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How To Enjoy Camping In The Winter

Just because winter rolls into town, it does not mean that all your favourite family activities need to stop. Take camping for example. My family prefers to go camping in the winter because it means there are fewer crowds at the campsite. If you want to give winter camping a try, but don't know what changes to make compared to summer camping, then have a read of my blog posts. I cover everything to do with camping, both in winter and summer. From the equipment you must buy to how to entertain your kids when it is raining, I have it all covered for you right here.



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How to Enjoy Camping in the Winter

Two tips for working professionals who have decided to live on campsites

by Roger Young

If you are a working professional and you have decided to live on a campsite for a while (to, for example, save money or because you want to adopt a more adventurous lifestyle) you should take these tips on board.

Visit a work clothing store and get some campsite-friendly work garments

Even if you already own quite a lot of work outfits, you may still need to visit a store that sells the kind of garments you wear at work and get a few new items. The reason for this is as follows; it will be a little harder for you to look presentable in your workwear whilst living in this accommodation, as you might not be able to take care of your clothes in the same way that you did when you lived in a traditional residential property. For example, if the campsite you've chosen doesn't have laundry facilities, you might either have to go to a laundromat to wash and dry your clothes or, if there is no laundromat near your campsite, you might have to handwash your items in the site's bathroom sinks.

Because of the amount of time that this will take, you might not be able to wash your work outfits as often as you used to. Additionally, you might not have any space on the campsite in which to iron your workwear. As such, a shopping trip will probably be in order. You might, for instance, need to buy enough shirts to see you through a full work week so that you only have to go through the ordeal of washing your clothes once at the weekend and don't have to re-wear whiffy shirts. Additionally, it might be sensible to pick up a few non-iron blazers, skirts or trousers so that you don't have to worry about your workwear looking creased.

Get footwear that you only wear on the campsite

After your visit to the work clothing store, you should go and buy a pair of waterproof shoes that you can use solely whilst you're in the campsite. Then, on your workdays, you should wear these until you reach the exit of the campsite, at which point you should then change into your work shoes, and then put them back on again when you return from your job each day.

The reason for this is as follows; the walking paths on most campsites are either muddy or dusty, depending on whether it's rained recently. If you put your work shoes on before you've exited the campsite or if you wear them when returning to it, you'll probably need to clean them virtually every day to ensure that they look presentable when you're at work. Having a pair of waterproof, campsite-only shoes (opting for waterproof ones will keep the socks that you wear underneath them dry when you're walking through mud) will mean you won't have to do this task half as often.

If you need clothes for work, reach out to a local work clothing store.