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How To Enjoy Camping In The Winter

Just because winter rolls into town, it does not mean that all your favourite family activities need to stop. Take camping for example. My family prefers to go camping in the winter because it means there are fewer crowds at the campsite. If you want to give winter camping a try, but don't know what changes to make compared to summer camping, then have a read of my blog posts. I cover everything to do with camping, both in winter and summer. From the equipment you must buy to how to entertain your kids when it is raining, I have it all covered for you right here.



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How to Enjoy Camping in the Winter

Military Surplus: Prep For Training

by Roger Young

If you're planning on joining the Australian military and are in the preparation stages of training, there are many things you can do in order to develop your overall competence outdoors. Many outdoor activities include basic survival practices and tabbing (from the term 'tactical advance to battle'), which requires soldiers to march and jog with weight. It's difficult to prepare for all of this prior to joining the military; however, if you visit a military surplus outdoor equipment store, you're sure to find plenty of good second-hand equipment to help you in your training. This guide will provide you with some absolute essential items that can be picked up at any good surplus store, helping you to prepare your body for the rigours of training at a fraction of the cost.

Tabbing Boots

When tabbing you need to condition your feet so that you can tab in boots with the least amount of discomfort as possible. Ideally, you should pick up a brand-new or second-hand pair of boots and wear them in. If you have older leather combat boots, you can soak them in water and wear them a few times to mould the leather to the shape of your feet. These boots will provide great ankle support and adequate impact support. Wearing in your boots is simple enough. Wear them around the house, when you go shopping and for some short walks. This will help to gradually shape them.


Any good outdoor equipment store will have water units that can be worn on the back and that provide ample amounts of water to be drunk through a tube when you're marching. These save time by allowing you to drink without stopping and forcing you to disrupt your rhythm when walking. However, a good water canister is still a good option, and these are also often readily available second-hand. Very thick, durable plastic or metal is best just in case you drop the unit, as the last thing you want is to lose your source of hydration.


Buying second-hand socks is not recommended. However, most surplus stores will sell them either brand-new or second-hand. Ideally, you'll want to purchase a thin lining sock for comfort and to reduce friction with the padded outer sock, which provides padding. These two combined will help to minimize the risk of blisters, and, when coupled with waterproof socks and talcum powder, they will look after your feet throughout your training.

For more information, check out outdoor equipment stores, like Aussie Digger Camping & Workwear .