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How To Enjoy Camping In The Winter

Just because winter rolls into town, it does not mean that all your favourite family activities need to stop. Take camping for example. My family prefers to go camping in the winter because it means there are fewer crowds at the campsite. If you want to give winter camping a try, but don't know what changes to make compared to summer camping, then have a read of my blog posts. I cover everything to do with camping, both in winter and summer. From the equipment you must buy to how to entertain your kids when it is raining, I have it all covered for you right here.



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How to Enjoy Camping in the Winter

Three Types of Caravans

by Roger Young

Due to its diverse geography, Australia is a popular tourist destination that offers many different kinds of landscapes. Exploring Australia using a caravan is one way to experience what the scenery has to offer. With the many types of caravans, tourists are uncertain of which kind to rent or buy. Here are the types of caravans every outdoor person should know:

Basic trailers

Basic caravans are the most popular type of trailers available, and they resemble mobile homes. They can be as long as twenty metres with four walls. They have different rooms all equipped to ensure comfort without the need to stay in hotels. They can have a basic or premium design with features such as entertainment systems and air conditioning to meet your cooling or heating needs. They have sufficient storage to allow you to store items you need. Basic caravans can be single- or double-axle. This means that double-axle caravans are heavier; hence, they require a powerful engine to tow the trailer. Single-axle caravans can, however, be more convenient for small groups. Due to their fixed size, the size of your family will determine its suitability and comfort.

Pop-up caravans

Pop-up caravans have similar features of conventional caravans. The only difference is that the roof requires folding when the trailer is not in use. When you need to use the trailer for sleeping, you only need to push up the roof. One benefit of having a pop-up caravan is that it has less resistance when you tow it, and due to its height, it can easily be stored in a residential garage. It is also ideal for travelling due to its lightweight nature, which helps people save on fuel for long trips. A caravan's pop-up feature allows for more seating and living space as you camp, but the area is limited as you travel, reducing the supplies you can pack.

Tent trailers

This type of caravan design is usually a box trailer with a lift-out tent. The box trailer allows you to pack supplies while the lift-out tent serves as a living space. The tent caravan is available in different lengths and features equipment such as a fridge and air conditioning. The benefit of using tent caravans is that they are lightweight to allow fitting on small vehicles. They are also available in designs suitable for tough terrain. Tent trailers are a smart purchase for families with a tight budget.